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IMAGILIGHTS® is a Belgian company designing, manufacturing and distributing a range of rechargeable cordless lighting solutions for INDOOR, OUTDOOR and POOL use and is specialized and most known for its cordless TABLE LIGHT ranges.

From day one we focus on serving products that stand out and are easy to handle, an example is by implementing an innovative recharging solution = all IMAGILIGHTS® products are wireless recharged.

IMAGILIGHTS® is known to offer a natural LED technology, containing a life span of over 50.000 light hours, making it the most sustainable alternative to traditional lighting systems. IMAGILIGHTS® is made to outlast, resist and endure the highest demands, these of the hospitality sector.

Since the very first launch our products are found in thousands of the finest restaurants, hotels, resorts and private homes.

IMAGILIGHTS® stands for design, innovation, quality, a fast communication platform, an immediate delivery and a dedicated customer service.

IMAGILIGHTS® exports to over 100 countries.



All our products are thoroughly tested before entering the market. We test our products in extreme weather conditions by running them through specialized LAB machines that imitate extreme temperatures such as desert heat and Nordic cold, as well as high and low humidity and UV. We also conduct salt tests for coastal areas and islands. We conduct both electrical as mechanical tests to ensure a high-grade quality standard.


IMAGILIGHTS® Wireless Lamps are covered by Design Registration, Copyright and Patent Pending. All rights reserved. All shapes and models are registered. Patented LED modules and patented wireless chargers. Any tampering with or repairing the unit voids the warranty. The units are tamper protected.

Please be aware that buying from IMAGILIGHTS® means that you and your customers benefit from a choice for innovative and exclusive products. IMAGILIGHTS® therefore highly values and enforces its intellectual property rights, which include copyrights and registered design rights in jurisdictions worldwide (EU, US, UK, APAC, People’s Republic of China, etc.).

IMAGILIGHTS® will not hesitate to take appropriate legal action against any reseller or distributor that violates these intellectual property rights. In such case legal costs and costs for destruction of counterfeit goods will be at the charge of the infringing party.

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