Barelo is the Esperanto word for barrel. It is also an upholstered, wireless, illuminated pouf. The seating element can be covered by neoprene, a special material used to make wet suits  in orange, green or beige. It does not let light through, is shockproof, soft, springy and fast-drying. BARELO emits a band of light, giving the appearance that it is floating. The rounded seat design has a very attractive look and feel. BARELO, designed by Gerd Couckhuyt, is made from rotational moulded plastic and features high-quality LED technology. The bulb runs off a battery that keeps the light burning for 60 hours.BARELO ist ein kabellos beleuchteter Sitzpuff. Das Sitzelement kann mit Neopren® in 5 Farben bezogen werden.

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