Imagilights or Lummius? What is the difference?
Imagilights is the company manufacturing a range of different wireless light elements. Imagilights is also the brand name for these lights. Lummius is Imagilights preferred internet sales point.

Wireless? How does it works?
The light is to be placed on a charger base, connected to the electricity. Charging happens through induction. Once the light is charged, you can place it anywhere you want, indoors and outdoors.

LED? What is that?
LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Whitout going too technically, LEDs advantages are the low energy consumption, long lifetime, small size and designed to offer the whole RedGreenBlue color spectrum.

Induction? What is that?
Induction charging is a method that allows an object to be charged without metal contacts. This way, corosion of the contacts is prevented.

Can I use the products in my pool?
Yes, you can as all the products are IP68 tested and so completely waterproof. Using the lights on your pool, pond or while enjoying in the jacuzzi is not a problem.

Will I receive my order with the plug that is used in my country?
Yes, we now very well what plug is used in which country. You will receive your order 'ready to be used'!

How about the delivery?
Every order is unique, so we always look for the fastest way for you to receive your order. We are good partners with BPOST, GLS, DPD and DHL.

How about the warranty?
1 year limited warranty is given to all Imagilights items from the moment of your purchase.

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