Gerd Couckhuyt has over 20 years experience in product and furniture design. He draws his inspiration from the visual and emotional stimuli of daily life, and uses this to create innovative and contemporary concepts. After being active in the designer world for fourteen years, Gerd Couckhuyt opened his own designer studio ‘Bhoom’ in Kortrijk in the year 2012.

In 2014 he received the prestigious Red-Dot award for his ‘Elements’ design for Manutti. Next to this, Gerd Couckhuyt was one of the 19 designers out of the 200 contestants who received the ‘Henry van de Velde Label’ in 2015.

Gerd designed several products for the IMAGILIGHTS® brand, of which most of them carry his label. He designed both our serving trays ‘Tron Round’ and ‘Tron rectangular’, the champagne coolers ‘Champagne’, ‘Viggo‘, ‘Might-E’ and ‘Mimmo’, our ‘Barelo’ seat and our ‘Plisée’, ‘Plisée Glitter’, ‘Venetian’ and ‘Venetian Glitter’ from the Djobie® collection. His latest creation for the IMAGILIGHTS® brand is the new prestigious Moments® collection. Next to IMAGILIGHTS®, he is also known for having designed for big names such as Modular, Wildspirit and Manutti.