About us   

IMAGILIGHTS® is a Belgian company designing, manufacturing and distributing a range of rechargeable cordless lighting solutions for INDOOR, OUTDOOR and POOL use and is specialized and most known for its cordless TABLE LIGHT ranges.

From day one we focus on serving products that stand out and are easy to handle, an example is by implementing an innovative recharging solution = all IMAGILIGHTS® products are wireless recharged.

IMAGILIGHTS® is known to offer a natural LED technology, containing a life span of over 50.000 light hours, making it the most sustainable alternative to traditional lighting systems. IMAGILIGHTS® is made to outlast, resist and endure the highest demands, these of the hospitality sector. Next to its main wireless range we also offer a variety of wired lighting products.

Since the very first launch our products are found in thousands of the finest restaurants, hotels, resorts and private homes.

IMAGILIGHTS® stands for design, innovation, quality, a fast communication platform, an immediate delivery and a dedicated customer service.

IMAGILIGHTS® exports to over 100 countries.



The idea behind the IMAGILIGHTS® brand was created in September 2009 after wanting to develop a wireless light with important features such as natural warm white, unlimited colors, shockproof ability, waterproof ability, desert heat-and nordic cold resistance and resitant to high and low humidity. Combining these features into one article was a difficult but challenging task for our team of engineers. Also using an innovatice recharging method = wireless recharge. Our engineers and developers succeeded to bring out a fully finished, highly tested commercial article that was baptized under the name IMAGILIGHTS®: a combination of the French ‘imaginer’ and Latin ‘imaginari”. 

In August of 2011 we started to export our first lights to the public worldwide.

In 2013 a new showroom and distribution center were inaugurated.

Over the next years we kept introducing different models and focused ourselves into the market of table lighting.

The year 2015 included the launch of a brand new collection carrying the name DJOBIE®, a mixture of injection molded Acrylic (PMMA) and Polycarbonate (PC) material, creating a pure transparent sandblasted table light collection. This magnificent collection is a combination of pureness and handcraftsmanship. It was in that time considered the most difficult project ever undertaken.

2016 was the launch of a handmade, handcrafted table light collection today known as the MOMENTS® collection. Available in finishing’s such as deep-brushed anodizing OR mirror-polished powder coating. This collection is to be considered our top of the line, AAA products for our most demanding, high-end customer base. The collection implements the most advanced electronics and carries earthly colors as seen in today’s fashion. Designed back in 2008, IMAGILIGHTS® became recognized with this creation in markets where design standards are set at a higher level. IMAGILIGHTS® will always be associated and remembered by this collection.

In March 2019 IMAGILIGHTS® launched its new stand construction to the public at the INTERNORGA fair in Hamburg that is made of two 20 feet high-cube sea containers. This unique stand construction deploys and operates entirely on batteries and is in line with the IMAGILIGHTS® moto. This stand will be the face for the next years to come.


In the 4th quarter of 2019 IMAGILIGHTS® introduces after years of development an amazing line of new products.

These are:






Genuine hand-crafted table lamps inspired by architecture, sculpture and design, composed of the finest raw materials. Created for the most demanding end-users and professionals such as restaurants, hotels, architects and interior designers.

MOJO® COLLECTION: indoor/outdoor product made of Polycarbonate (PC) with changeable multi-color covers, shock resistant and waterproof

TEBUR® COLLECTION: mainly outdoor used product made of Polyethylene (PE), waterproof and shock resistant

DJOBIE® COLLECTION: indoor/outdoor product made of Acrylic (PMMA) and Polycarbonate (PC), a refined lamp with the touch and feel of glass

MOMENTS® COLLECTION: indoor/outdoor lamp finished with deep-brushed anodizing OR mirror-polished powder coating, available in 6 illuminated heads.

CRU® COLLECTION: indoor/outdoor lamp available in one or two light heads with extreme light output, available in finishing deep-brushed anodizing OR mirror-polished powder coating and with the ability to light-up warm white in both 2300 Kelvin and 2700 Kelvin.

DEMOISELLE® COLLECTION: indoor/outdoor lamp available in 6 illuminated heads finished with deep-brushed anodizing OR mirror-polished powder coating and with the ability to light-up warm white in both 2300 Kelvin and 2700 Kelvin.

MOMENTS®/PETIT CRU®/GRAND CRU®/DEMOISELLE® TALL/DEMOISELLE® SMALL/MIRAI® are true chameleons, available in many colors and different head shapes. Choose a single color formation or go for 2-tone colors. Try our unique configurator, helping our customers to choose the lamp that best fits their interiors.




All our products are thoroughly tested before entering the market. We test our products in extreme weather conditions by running them through specialized LAB machines that imitate extreme temperatures such as desert heat and nordic cold, as well as high and low humidity and UV. We also conduct salt tests for coastal areas and islands. We conduct both electrical as mechanical tests to ensure a high grade quality standard.




IMAGILIGHTS® Wireless Lamps are covered by Design Registration, Copyright and Patent Pending. All rights reserved. All shapes and models are registered. Patented LED modules and patented wireless chargers. Any tampering with or repairing the unit voids the warranty. The units are equipped with special labels to avoid tampering.